This gallery includes images from the feature film ALEXANDER and practical swords for the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS. All of the images are copyright protected and may not be copied without prior consent. Photographs courtesy of WARNER BROS ENTERTAINMENT INC and MISS BEHAVE.

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ALL HANDMADE was employed by Richard Hooper in association with WARNER BROS ENTERTAINMENT INC to produce a variety of prop and practical weapons for Oliver Stone's feature ALEXANDER, filmed at Pinewood Studios.

These daggers were fabricated using chemical modelling board and then moulded and cast out in a variety of different materials. Soft polyurethane copies were made for the stunt department and bronze, copper and brass copies were made for close-up detailed shots of the weapons.

Each of the weapons were carefully researched and authenticated by the art department before the fabrication process.

Many different designs were made of each weapon to give the film a rich and diverse history.

Each of the weapons were carefully textured to give them a truly authentic look and feel.

This spear is only one of many special props fabricated for certain sequences in the feature film.

These axes signal the first of the practical weapons made for the feature film. The handles were hand carved from traditional hickory wood with heavily textured steel double axe heads hard riveted into place.

Five carved oak handles set in place with copper hard rivets and steel blades.

This dagger was originally designed to be used by the assassin in the feature. After the moulding process the original prop was cast in pewter which added additional texture and gave this dagger it's unique appearance.

Here is the King's Dagger. The original chemical wood prop handle was moulded and cast out in brass around the steel blade.

Due to the rigorous filming schedule multiple copies of each weapon were made. These are the scabbards for the King's Dagger made from vegetable dyed leather with brass details.

Finally the Persian swords, multiple copies were made of this design. The handles were turned out of mahogany, wrapped in two layers of leather and detailed with a carved brass pommel. The vegetable dyed leather scabbards were heavily embossed and detailed with delicate brass etchings.

This case was designed and made by ALL HANDMADE for one of the last living female sword swallowers in the world, Amy Saunders AKA: Miss Behave. The unique case provides excellent protection for the eighteen specially designed and fabricated swords inside. The plaque on the front of the box was also designed for added publicity with Amy's live performance show in mind and reads 'This Animal is DANGEROUS'.


The box is lined with protective soft foam rubber Plastazote® and contains eighteen uniquely designed Surgical Stainless Steel Swords for THE GUINNESS WORLD RECORD attempt in Rome, Italy.

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