Welcome to my model making shop.

This page features a selection of tools and props for sale.


From time to time I have to make specific tools if I am unable to buy a similar item. The tools may vary in size, material and purpose but the end result is always the same, it does the job.

As a model maker, being able to make my own tools is an invaluable and necessary skill but I appreciate the fact that it's not always possible if you don't have the correct equipment or materials. This is why I offer the option for people to buy tools from this page. If you are a sculptor, mould maker, artist or student without the means to make your own tools or even if you are looking for a special gift to give to someone creative, these tools are unique in design and construction but most of all, they really do work.

  'The Sculptor's Thumb'  This solid BRASS tool offers more than the basic wooden design available from sculpture supply companies. The unique ergonomic design and added weight of this tool allows it to be used in a range of different applications including leather and textile work in addition to mould making applications.

Sculptor's have chosen similar designs for centuries. My design offers all of the same benefits and more.
Working with leather is tough on the hands, pulling, pushing and stretching leather can cause tendon and muscle tissue damage around the fingers and thumbs. This tool greatly reduces hand fatigue and offers your thumb all the support you'll ever need.
For textile work this tool can be used to flatten seams, smooth out creases and be used as a glue press. With it's added weight, all of these jobs are effortless.
Mould makers can use this tool in three ways. The sculptor's thumb can smooth out clay or be used like a scoop to dig clay out of a mould. In addition the opposite end has a turned dome hemisphere for making 'keys' during the mould making process.

My 'Sculptor's Thumb' tool is available in solid BRASS, lead free PEWTER or POLYURETHANE RESIN, depending on your tactile preference.

Close up of the BRASS 'Sculptor's Thumb' with a tactile, comfortable grip.
Solid carved BRASS ergonomic thumb and turned dome hemisphere key maker, all in one tool.

 Tool Information & Dimensions: Solid BRASS
Weight: 250g (approximately)
Overall Length: 120mm
Overall Diameter: 22mm

Close up of the PEWTER 'Sculptor's Thumb' with a tactile, comfortable grip.
Solid cast PEWTER ergonomic thumb and turned dome hemisphere key maker, all in one tool.

Tool Information & Dimensions: Solid PEWTER
Weight: 280g (approximately)
Overall Length: 120mm
Overall Diameter: 22mm

POLYURETHANE cast copies are also available for general sculpture use. Because of the light weight nature of this material, it is not suitable for the other applications.

Tool Information & Dimensions: Solid POLYURETHANE
Weight: 35g (approximately)
Overall Length: 120mm
Overall Diameter: 22mm

'Mould Maker's Clay Cutter' This tool significantly reduces mould making time. It is fully and easily adjustable to cut clay from slices to slabs in a matter of seconds.

Tool Information & Dimensions: Mixed Media - PERSPEX, STEEL & BRASS
Weight: 1k 50g (approximately)
Overall Length: 320mm
Cutting Length: 270mm
Handle Length: 270mm
Handle Height: 50mm
Minimum Cut Depth: 1mm
Maximum Cut Depth: 64mm

If you haven't used a tool like this, you don't know what you're missing!
Full instructions available.

For more information regarding these tools or if you would like to commission a specialised tool for your own work, please contact me via the