Award Winner - WINNER of the 'Best Customer Service Award' as part of the 'KENT INDEPENDENT TRADERS AWARDS 2015.

Award Winner - WINNER of the 'Creative Business of the Year' award as part of the 'KENT INDEPENDENT TRADERS AWARDS 2014.


 Award Winner - WINNER of the Global 'Rising Star' category at the '3D PRINT SHOW' 2013 - 2014.

















André Masters and CJ Munn win the global RISING STAR award for their sculpture 'ICARUS HAD A SISTER' which was described as 'the breathtaking centre piece' of the artistic gallery at the 3D PRINT SHOW in London and Paris 2013. The 'Rising Star' global award  was presented by Kerry Hogarth, the 3D PRINT SHOW Director on Thursday 7th November 2013 at the Honourable Artillery Company and was one of three awards out of fourteen that also came with a £500.00 bursary to help finance further work for future exhibitions. 





















MASTERS and MUNN were asked to contribute towards the 'COMMUNITY' section of 3D ARTIST Magazine (Issue 65) to discuss 3D printing in fine art.   

















  The two page (16 - 17) editorial describes our first project related to 3D printing and our use of traditional sculpting techniques to bridge the gap in between old materials and this new exciting technology in addition to the following success of the sculpture at the 3D PRINT SHOW 2013.






















MASTERS and MUNN were also featured as named artists working in the field of 3D printing in fine art in the ART MAG Magazine editorial in issue January/February 2014.


















 The two page article (24 - 25) entitled, 'THE FUTURE OF ART? - The latest art form is imagined by humans, shaped by computer and printed by machine' focuses on the 3D Print Show and the innovative ways in which artists are using this creative new technology to enhance the visual and emotional impact art has with today's audience.






















Online blog by INDUSTRIAL PLASTIC FABRICATIONS LTD. Internationally recognised market leading service provider in the 3D printing community and material sponsor for our sculpture 'ICARUS HAD A SISTER'. IPF uses the most sophisticated hardware and technically advanced materials in the industry, supplied by STRATASYS.  
























Makers of the 3D printer used to create our sculptures wings, STRATASYS were keen to cover the story from concept to the final sculpture featured at the London & Paris 3D Print Shows. Icarus-had-a-sister-3d-printed-sc