In 2013 I began the transition to start using digital modelling and 3D printing to expand the design and creative process of my business. After spending approximately six months researching the many different digital programmes on the market I chose ZBRUSH as the main software I would buy, learn and use as a new, flexible and exciting fabrication tool.

There's no better way to learn new skills than throwing yourself in at the deep end and having already seen the full potential of the software and innovative 3D printing hardware/material choices available I couldn't wait to get started.

I decided to finish a sculpture called 'Icarus had a Sister' which I'd started nine years earlier as a self initiated project and up until 2013 I hadn't found a strong yet relatively lightweight, detailed and time/money effective way of achieving the large wings incorporated into the original design. Over the years I had tried sculpting them, laser cutting, metal etched feathers and even considered electroplating real feathers, all of which didn't provide the aesthetic looks or functionality I wanted.