This gallery includes a selection of images from the ALL HANDMADE animal cast portfolio. The images are copyright protected and may not be copied without prior consent.


André Masters was commissioned by the WWF to create seven unique bronze animal casts for their brand new Head Office - 'The Living Planet Centre' in Woking. This new building will provide a public visitor experience centre with four interactive pods allowing people to touch these tactile and beautiful casts. The Living Planet Centre is due to open in November 2013.

All of the images in this gallery are from a self initiated project I began in 1998. My idea was to offer a unique opportunity to create and expand individual teaching aids and point of sale items for endangered animals at wildlife safari parks and other zoological visitor centres.

The casts are designed to be used as teaching aids for the blind and partially sighted. In order to provide a realistic reference in size I have also life cast a wide variety of domestic cats and dogs. 

The endangered animal casts include: 

Male & female Asiatic Lion paws, A male Sumatran Tiger paw, a male Persian Leopard paw, a male Clouded Leopard paw, female Indian Elephant skin casts, front and back feet, a whole tooth and an elephant poo! The casts also include a Sea Turtle flipper and head cast, a male Gharial (Crocodile) skin sample, a Conch Shell, a female Capuchin hand print and a female Colobus foot print. The series of casts continues to grow with more and more wildlife and conservation parks joining our cause with the latest additions being donated by the WWF and Maidstone Museum.

The casts were taken whilst the animals were annually vetted, allowing me the time to complete the moulding process. The casts were made in both positive and negative forms. The finished casts are to be used as teaching aids in blind schools across the country to give the partially sighted a new dimension in touch sensory education. The casts immediately convey the skin texture and shear size of these magnificent animals, many of which are far too dangerous to touch in reality. The other main objective is to sell the casts in the education and visitor centres to help raise additional funds for the animals.

The moulding materials used for the animal casts are completely safe, none of the animals were hurt or injured during the moulding process.

Various moulds were made from this Indian Elephant at WOBURN SAFARI PARK.

The multiple 1' square swatches taken from the moulds create fantastically detailed textured samples, available in realistic soft SILICONE or hard RESIN. The cast in this image is made from black ONYX.

The following images illustrate the moulding process. This casts was created in association with CHESSINGTON WORLD OF ADVENTURES from ASLAN, an adolescent male Asiatic Lion.

This mould was taken from a fully grown male Sumatran Tiger. This is the largest cast in the series.

The third cast in the feline series was taken from this Clouded Leopard. Only a Leopard in name, as this breed of wild cat belongs in it's own genetic family of Neofelis Nebulosa. The Clouded Leopard has the largest canine teeth in proportion to it's body size. Moulds of a Clouded Leopard canine tooth are also available.

Black ONYX casts of the male Asiatic Lion and the Sumatran Tiger.

Black ONYX casts of the male Clouded Leopard and the negative impression of the Persian Leopard.

Black ONYX casts of a female Colobus Monkey foot and a delicate female Capuchin Monkey hand.


    André returns to WOBURN SAFARI PARK to remould Chandrika, the Indian Elephant he moulded back in 1998 at the beginning of the 'Endangered Species Collection' when she was                 only six years old. Now Chandrika is a fully grown adult weighing in at 3,300kg.


Highly detailed solid copper cold cast sample moulded from Chandrika's skin. 
































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