This gallery includes a selection of privately commissioned pre-natal belly casts. The images are copyright protected and may not be copied without prior consent.

Pregnant belly casts are a wonderful way to capture in three dimensions a very special moment in a woman's life. Nothing else comes close to conveying the true beauty of being pregnant.

The moulding materials are completely safe for both the mother and child. The moulding process is quick and the final result will be a lasting reminder for all of the family to enjoy for many years.

The final casts are available in a range of materials including but not limited to:

Cold cast METAL finishes in BRONZE, COPPER, BRASS & IRON 

Cold cast AGGREGATE finishes in MARBLE, SLATE & ONYX

Cold cast RESIN finishes in an almost limitless range of colours

Natural LEATHER or lead free PEWTER

In order to produce the finished cast a silicone mould is made from the original life cast. Minor imperfections like air bubbles or tears in the original alginate mould are repaired before the secondary moulding process in silicone. 

The silicone mould provides cast after cast, each one as good as the first in an almost unlimited variety of materials.


Private Commission to create a cold cast IRON pregnant belly cast.


This close-up view of the cold cast IRON pregnant belly cast really shows off the detail. 

Private Commission to create an ANTIQUE COPPER pregnant belly cast.

Private Commission to create a natural LEATHER pregnant belly cast.

Private Commission working in association with CJ Munn at ROCKABELLY LIFECASTS to create an ANTIQUE PEWTER pregnant belly cast.

Private Commission working in association with CJ Munn at ROCKABELLY LIFECASTS to create an ANTIQUE PEWTER pregnant belly cast. This view of the inside of the cast shows great care is taken to provide an all round finish.

Prices vary as each and every private commission is as unique as the person being cast. Please email me or call the numbers on the contact page in the MENU for more information.