This gallery includes images of stop frame animation and live action rigging for commercial advertising. The images are copyright protected and may not be copied without prior consent.

The following images have been supplied by various production companies after employing ALL HANDMADE to design and fabricate a range of rigging services.

ALL HANDMADE designed and fabricated ten 4' x 4' x 4' animation rostrums for use in a series of stop frame animated commercials for DURACELL. Image courtesy of PASSION PICTURES

Rock climbing DURACELL bunnies animated on green screen. Image courtesy of PASSION PICTURES.

Wide angle view of the largest DURACELL animation rig. Image courtesy of PASSION PICTURES.

Close-up of the parallelogram rig designed to animate the pendulous swinging motion of the four large DURACELL bunnies in the shot. Image courtesy of PASSION PICTURES.

Live action rigs used to puppeteer the life-size mannequins in this commercial for TESCO. Image courtesy of TANDEM PICTURES.

This live action rig was used to puppeteer dozens of dancing cans and bottles in this commercial for TESCO. Image courtesy of TANDEM PICTURES.

Stop frame animation rigging for a series of commercials for DAIRYLEA. Image courtesy of PARTIZAN LTD.