ALL HANDMADE is a model making studio based in the south of England.

ALL HANDMADE offers a diverse range of services for exhibition display, stop frame animation, commercial television, feature film presentation, music videos and promotional advertising.

The ALL HANDMADE portfolio gallery includes:

MODEL MAKING: Miniature Scale Props, Large Scale Props, Set Construction and Miscellaneous Props.

PUPPET MAKING: Stop Frame Puppets, Marionettes, Glove Puppets and Animation Rigging.

LIFE CASTING: The Life Casting Process, Full Head & Face Casts, Body Casts, Pre-Natal Casts, Hands & Feet, Animal Casts, Tutorials and Weekend Courses.

WEAPON FABRICATION: Knives & Swords, Guns, Miscellaneous Props and Practical Weapons.

COSTUME DESIGN: Body Armour and Character Costumes.

ILLUSTRATION & DESIGN: Sketch & Line Art and Computer Aided Design.

TUITION & TRAINING: Sculpture, Life Casting, Mould Making and Model Making courses are available.

Browse through the SEVEN information pages and SEVEN main galleries to access the TWENTY FOUR sub galleries containing over TWO HUNDRED images.